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We work according to a 4:1 principle, whereby Monday to Thursday is based at the customer site and Friday either in the MGRP office or home office. Individual arrangements are also possible to accommodate family situations. Furthermore, MGRP offers several options with respect to taking a sabbatical.

Definitely not, we work hard and we enjoy it. Consulting is tailored to the needs of our clients, and delivering top performance requires perseverance.

What defines MGRP are our employees. Therefore, we are always looking for suitable solutions for these requests. A break away from MGRP allows our employees to make a big trip, take extended parental leave, complete an academic qualification, or just spend time with family or loved ones.

Not in general. We have a five-day week explicitly without weekend work, however, during peak periods and special consulting project phases, weekend work may occasionally be needed to meet client deadlines. This, however, is the exception. Of course we will always find a way of compensating employees in these instances.

Absolutely. Our size and approach provides opportunity in which to grow. Being part of the MGRP family means that we recognise and develop your potential, allowing you to take on more responsibility in the short to medium term and even develop into a partner role. Our growth path allows you to grow with us. Your professional development will not be accidental, but our priority and concern.

Let's be honest: If you do not enjoy your work, you will not stay with us for long. We do not pursue an "up or out" mentality but a "stay and grow" development approach. Fun at work is a key foundation to this. Our friendly and collaborative culture contributes greatly to why our employees like to work at MGRP and to us performing strongly.


MGRP – the sky's the limit

MGRP is a management consulting boutique with a strong focus on performance, but also with space in which employees can grow and develop. MGRP welcomes anyone who is committed to openness and taking initiative, from working student to senior professional – whether "out-of-the-box" thinker, quality-control fanatic or numbers person. You should have a high aptitude for IT, and whilst an education in economics or computer science would be preferable, we are open to applicants with other educational backgrounds and experience. It's not the degree that counts, but rather what you can do!

Your contact person

Your contact person for questions or to submit an application:

Recruitment Consultant
Jessica Müller
Wolfgangstraße 56
D-74564 Crailsheim

Phone: +49-7951-47288-72
EMail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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