MGRP – our expertise

Digital technologies and services have profoundly changed the expectations of our clients in recent years. Our consulting approach aims at recognizing and exploiting the potential of these technologies. We leverage technology effectively to address business challenges and increase the value of a business sustainably. To achieve this, we adopt an analytical and systematic approach towards realising profitable and successful outcomes for our clients – because success is no coincidence!


MGRP – our services

MGRP provides management consulting specifically for information-intensive industries. Whether strategic, business, process, compliance, operational or IT consulting, our focus is always on realising the maximum benefit for our clients.

Individual solutions for clients - from ideas to action. We are not only measured by the formulation of winning strategies, but also by their effective implementation. Successful execution by our experienced MGRP employees, either via a project or in an interim management capacity, will always be done in the best interest of our clients.

>Supervisory boards, boards of directors, and senior management have far more responsibility than ever before in our globalized, digitized and fast-moving business world:

  • ensuring that employees are motivated and engaged
  • facilitating positive and sustainable business growth
  • effecting successful change management and ultimately
  • making sure their companies remain profitable

Executives are often isolated and left to their own devices, without the opportunity to exchange or converse openly with peers or benefit from their expertise and experience. An impartial, trusted sparring partner that has no invested self-interest in any particular outcome can be crucial in this context.

This is precisely what MGRP can offer you: a personal sparring partner at peer level, who you can talk to in the strictest confidence, about the topics and challenges that matter the most.


MGRP – our solutions by industry

Automotive & Suppliers

The need for mobility and intelligent solutions is constantly increasing. Changes in operating conditions and frameworks that result from new markets, new competition, and stricter regulations are having an effect on car manufacturers and their suppliers – we help our clients achieve success within these challenging contexts.

Digital Economy

The Digital Economy is now pervasive, affecting all areas of private and economic life. Disruptive innovations, technological advances, and rapid product life cycles define competition. We help our customers to realise the benefits of the digital economy in a sustainable way, regardless of company size or context.

Financial Services

Structural changes and regulatory requirements have a significant impact on the financial industry. Traditional business models are being turned upside down by innovative FinTech companies with digitization becoming fundamental. We tailor solutions for our customers and guide them in their digital transformation.

Health Services

Creating added value for patients is fundamental for health insurers and service providers and increasingly determines their business models. Intelligent information strategies, big data, and digitization amongst others are a few key topics that challenge our customers. We enable our clients to successfully respond to these challenges, provide related services at competitive prices, and ensure the organization's sustainable growth.


Biotech and pharmaceutical companies have every reason to be optimistic, as the future offers them many opportunities. Realising this potential however requires commercial, scientific and operational excellence in a continuous digital value chain. We support our clients in seizing these opportunities whilst systematically mitigating any associated risks.

Social Enterprise

For social enterprises and non-profit organisations, conditions are becoming increasingly complicated: maintaining the balance between ensuring operational quality and achieving the organisation's objectives is becoming extremely difficult for many institutions to accomplish. Finding the right digital solutions for successful positioning and delivery of services in this context becomes a challenge. We support our clients in seeking sustainable and profitable positioning without losing sight of their social mission.


The digitization of content, distribution platforms, end devices, and building technology allows previously separate industries to merge, changes to value chains to occur and the creation of new business models. Digital products, intelligent search and navigation options, as well as disruptive innovations represent unprecedented market opportunities. We guide our customers in the conception, implementation, and marketing of digital assets.

Transport & Logistics

No other sector is affected by globalization as much as the transport and logistics industries. Smart supply chains, fast delivery times and digital value chains pose new challenges for this sector. We develop solutions with our clients to meet these challenges, and support them in their implementation.


Low interest rates, changing requirements, higher consumer expectations, and an aging consumer population are intensifying competition in the insurance industry. Digital products, advanced analytics, customer-focused engagements, and vertical market strategies provide opportunities for an organisation to establish itself ahead of the competition. We help our clients in this process and guide them in their Digital Business Transformation.


MGRP - references

The need for discretion with regards to our customers and their projects is self-explanatory. The following references are therefore in the form of a brief summary of our consulting mandates. We would be happy to discuss our projects anonymously with you in detail, upon request and following consultation with our customers.


Don‘t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions