The economy is in its worst crisis since the Second World War. First easings take place, but it is important to find a well-organized way out of the crisis. MGRP contains with its program #MGRPlookahead the negative consequences and supports the shaping of the future working as well as operating model. Contact us!

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MGRP – excellence in digital consulting

MGRP (Management Group Dr. Röser & Partner) offers strategic management consulting services for information-intensive industries. Our aim is to improve the performance and productivity of our clients substantially and sustainably. Commitment to our clients and our employees is central to all that we do.
MGRP exists for the success of our clients: Since our foundation in 2010, we measure the success of our IT consulting on the financial success of our customers. For us, excellence in the work we do is essential and an expression of who we are.


MGRP – at a glance


our employees are what make us unique, through experience, passion, and commitment


we ensure the economic success of our clients utilizing engineering methods – success is no coincidence


strict confidentiality is the foundation for close and intensive collaboration with our clients


we put quality before growth and place a high value on recommendations from satisfied clients. Our size allows us to be flexible and agile


we see ourselves as your partner to effect positive change and constructively provoke strategic decision making


"persevere where others despair“ is the motto we work by and our promise to our clients


we are impartial, financially independent and have no manufacturer or supplier obligations and are therefore committed only to the interests of our clients


as a privately owned enterprise taking clear responsibility towards our customers and employees is of primary importance


you are at the heart of all we do. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and the principle that guides our actions


Don‘t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions